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The 4 Lucrative Accounting and Consulting Online Jobs

You can make money in the accounting and consulting online jobs category.

For those who have done the CPA and have the accounting knowledge, online is a place where they can make more money than they are making through traditional work environment.

You will get jobs in relation to financial forecasting, determining the profitability of your business, analyzing financial statements, analysis of accounts payable and offering recommendations on ways of saving money, setting up consistent account practices, and determining the kind of accounting services a company may need.


There are different types of accounting jobs you can do online. You may be asked to look at a company’s books occasionally; you may also get a project that requires you to offer accounting services full time for the company or even write articles in relation to accounting for marketing purposes.

Human Resources

There are different roles you can play as a virtual human resource manager. You may be asked to hire online talent to be part of a bigger online project a company is running.

In such an instances, you will be required to conduct interviews online and hire online freelancers for to be part of the project.

That means you will have to understand first, the human resource management field, probably be a holder of a diploma or have experience in this field.

You may also be required to maintain records of a company’s human resource.

Financial Planning

You will be hired by companies to write articles on financial planning, gather information about financial planning, as well as give them advice on financial planning.

You must be knowledgeable in this field if you are to make space for yourself.

Remember that online is a place with a multiplicity of talents, as such, you must possess a combination of skills that distinguish you from the rest.

These types of skills including digital marketing for financial institutions, financial article writing, forex blogging ability and such like skills.

Management Consulting

You will be tasked with the responsibility of helping companies improve their performance.

In most cases, you may be hired as a head of the team or be part of the team that is doing this project.

Therefore, you may find yourself doing specific activities that are geared towards enhancing the company’s performance.

You may also be given tasks to write about management in different forms such as change management, project management and other types of task.

Make sure you have the relevant skills to work in this category.


It is possible for you to make a living working online as a freelancer in the accounting and consulting category.

However, it is important that you grow your career in this field with a clear aim of where you want to go.

You must also be able to show results of the work you do.

As a newbie in this field, you will want to start out with simple tasks and then grow to take up large projects.

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