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6 Data Science & Analytics Online Jobs (You Can Start Doing Them Immediately)

With an education in Mathematics, statistics, or operations research, you can land a job in the Data Science & Analytics.

However, it is not necessary that you have these courses. If you have the necessary experience dealing with big data, then you can work on this field.

Some of the jobs you’ll be involved in include:

A/B Testing (Data Science & Analytics Online Jobs)

Also called split testing.

This involves a comparison of two versions of a web page or an app.

The aim is to get the version that performs better and adopt that as the landing page.

In most cases, we use A/B testing in conversion optimization.

In essence, A/B Testing is the experiment in which two or more different pages are randomly displayed to users.

After this data is collected and analyzed to determine which variation performs better for a given conversion goal.

Data Extraction / ETL (Extract, Transform and Load)

This is the process of manipulating data in a database. It is usually useful in data warehousing.

It involves extracting data from the source systems and then putting it into the data warehouse.

Companies need to load their data warehouse regularly to ensure the efficient use of data in facilitating business analysis.

This requires the extraction of data from operational systems and then copied into the data warehouse.

This present the challenge of integrating, rearranging and consolidating large volumes of data into a single unified information base that delivers actionable business intelligence.

This is an important function in companies, as they require data to drive their business decisions and marketing strategies.

Machine Learning

This is an area under the artificial intelligence where it enables machines and computers to learn without necessarily having explicit programs.

In machine learning, the computer can learn, change, develop, and grow when exposed to new data.

Machine learning has found use in self-driving cars, effective web search, practical speech recognition, and the understanding of the human genome.

There are several Machine Learning courses available online.

You can enroll to such courses if you want to get started in this field.

Data Visualization

This is the process of putting data in a way that people can visualize it through graphs, patterns and trends.

You must be able to use data visualization software, which could be anything from excel to other complicated programs.

The aim of Data Visualization is to communicate otherwise complicated data through graphs, information graphics, and plots.

Some of the tools you can use include Adobe Creative Cloud, Plotly, Datahero, and many others.

Data Mining & Management

Data mining is a computing process that helps companies discover useful information in raw data.

It involves machine learning, statistics, database systems, and other programs that can discover patterns in large batches of data.

You can mine data from websites, customer management systems, customer feedbacks, and other tools used in collecting information.

Data management can then involve storing and maintaining the data mined in a manner that safeguards its integrity.

Quantitative Analysis

This is the analysis of events and situations whether financial or otherwise, through mathematical and statistical modeling.

The aim is to predict events and behavior through mathematical calculations, research and statistical modelling.

Wrapping Up

There are many jobs in this field.

However, you will require to have technical skills that can help you understand, analyze, and display data in a way that is understand to the ordinary person.

Having skills in using different data manipulation software will help you get ahead in this field.

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