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6 Online Jobs you can Do as a Legal Practitioner

Lawyers and paralegals can get jobs online. In most cases, you will get paralegal positions, as the lawyers will be involved in the main litigations in court.

You will write articles, enter data, translate, transcribe, and even marketing attorney services online.

Therefore, it is important to learn the different types of legal services you can offer.

Contract Law

When you enter into an agreement with a person(s) or a company, then you are in a contract with them.

There are different types of contracts with specific conditions and terms.

A contract can be in written form or expressed between two or more parties.

As a freelancer, you can be asked to translate a contract, draw up a contract, or even be asked to write about contract law.

You might also get jobs as a virtual assistant to a lawyer or attorney.

Therefore, understand contract law will be an important thing for you.

You can have paralegal knowledge and be a lawyer yourself.

Criminal Law

Criminal law is the body of law that relates to crime. As a criminal lawyer, you may get different types of jobs.

In most cases, a client may ask you to write articles in relation to criminal law.

In other instances, you may get contracts to transcribe court proceedings in relation to criminal cases.

All this requires some level of knowledge in criminal law.

Intellectual Property Law

This is another area you can get numerous online jobs. Intellectual property law entails enforcing and securing legal rights to designs, artistic works, and inventions.

You can be asked to write articles about intellectual property law, transcribe cases involving intellectual property and other types of jobs.

It is important to ensure you have such skills as writing and translation, and transcriptions skills if you are to succeed as an online freelancer specializing in criminal law.

Corporate Law

This law deals with the interaction between corporations, shareholders, investors, directors, creditors, employees, consumers, environment, and the community.

As an online freelancer in this field, a client may request you to write articles about corporate law, draft contracts, enter data in databases, translate, or transcribe contracts and proceedings in court.

You must have knowledge of the legal regime and a good grasp of the English language and another language if you want to be involved in translation.

Family Law

Family law is concerned with the legal issues in family relationships. This may include adoption, child custody, and divorce.

It is also called the matrimonial law. You can get jobs under this category relating to the marriage contract, court proceedings, or any other type of project.

Paralegal Services

There are different types of paralegal services you can offer online.

For instance, a client may contract you to list the number of court cases they have in a court of law.

You may also be required to categorize different cases according to their nature.

You may also be asked to do legal writing, translation or transcription.



You can create a paralegal agency and create a brand that will be sought after by clients online. Your work may include translating and transcribing legal document.

You can also write articles for law firms as well as marketing their services online.

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