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7 Online Translation Jobs for Those with More Than 2 Language Skills

Do you have skills in two or more languages? Online translation jobs could be something to consider.

You can start earning money online in the translation field. However, you need to have more skills than just having extensive knowledge of languages.

This is because different industries require skilled translators in that field. This article highlights some of the major translation online jobs available.

General Translation

This is translation where the translator is not required to have extensive knowledge of the specific field. This may include travelogues, news articles, job application, and business or private letters.

Medical Translation

There are two types of medical translations, the human and veterinary medicine. This is a great opportunity for doctors, medical researchers, clinicians, and pharmacologists to earn money online.

Your clients will include pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, medical equipment manufacturers, medical advertising agencies, insurance companies, and many other practitioners in the medical field.

Legal Translation

This translation involves translating contracts, notarial deeds, and terms and conditions. Due to the legal nature of the documents, it is important for the translator to maintain the contextual meaning of the documents.

When translating legal documents, you should ensure the translated document maintains the legal validity of the text.

Technical Translation

As a technical translator, you need to have knowledge of the specific fields you with to get involved in. For example, if you become a technical translator in the electronic field, you need to learn the terminologies used in that field. On the other hand, if you are in the metal or manufacturing field, you will also need to have knowledge of the terminologies in that field.

Some of the documents you may be required to translate include:

  • Manuals and Instructions
  • Safety regulations
  • Installation instructions
  • Construction quotes
  • Environmental impact assessments

Commercial Translation

Commercial or business translation requires you to have specialist skills and knowledge in the business world. However, you should not confuse commercial translation with advertising or marketing translation.

With the proper business jargon, you will be able to translate business reports, company account, tender documents, and other correspondence. You should also be aware of the many instances where business translation will overlap with the legal translation.

Administrative Translation

This is the translation of managerial texts used in businesses, corporations, and organizations. In some cases, this type of translation may overlap with the commercial translation. However, it is important to understand that not all commercial translations are administrative translations but most of the administrative translations are commercial.

Literary Translation

This is the type of translation done on plays, poems, novels, and short stories. A literary translator must be able to translate humor, feelings, cultural nuances, emotions, and other elements present in the piece of literature.

Wrapping Up

With the proper skills and language skills, you can land on a lucrative online job in the translation field. The most important thing is to get started with the online freelancing career.

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