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9 Genuine Online Writing Jobs (You can start immediately!)

There are different types of online writing jobs on different freelancing platforms. This is probably the most requested type of service online. There are different categories that you can get it involved in, these categories are:

Academic Writing & Research

This is where you do research and write academic papers for use by professors and students. In most cases, they ask you to research and write something that they can submit for educational purposes.


This is the art and science of writing words for promotional, web pages, and ads purposes. The aim is to sell products or services by convincing prospects to take action.

Editing & Proofreading

Many people use these two words interchangeably. However, they are different. Editing and proofreading are two distinct stages in writing. Proofreading is the last step after editing your article or book. Some clients will ask you to either edit or proofread their work. Make sure to understand what they require you to do.

Resumes & Cover Letters

There are those clients who will require you to write resumes and cover letters. In such instances, you must understand the important details about the person and the job they are applying.

Web Content

This is the visual, aural, or textual content published as part of the user experience on a website. This may be in form of text, images, videos, sounds, animations, and other form of content.

Article & Blog Writing

There is a big difference between article and blog post. An article requires more research with a limitation to personal opinions. On the other hand, a blog post can incorporate personal opinion. Articles are charged a higher rate than a blog post. In addition, an article should be more than 300 words while blog posts can be shorter.

Creative Writing

This is the type of writing that is not defined as normal professional writing such as journalism, technical literature, or academic. It is identified by the use of narratives, and character development.

Grant Writing

This is the process of completing and application process for funding by an institution. As a grant writer, you should write in clear, specific, and persuasive language intended to convince the funding institution to release the funds.

Technical Writing

This type of writing aims at communicating technical information about an occupation, product, or a service. For you to succeed in this type of writing you must have a good understanding of the product, service, or occupation.

Wrapping Up

My experience shows writing as the one skill that supersedes all others in earning money online. Honing your writing skills will probably be one of the best self-development activity you can ever undertake as an online freelancer.

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