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9 Lucrative Web, Mobile & Software Development Online Jobs

Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life is an adage comes to life for those working online.

There are different online jobs in the web, mobile and software development category that anyone who is qualified can do from home.

This article seeks to show you, some of the different jobs you can do from home in the software development category.

So, let’s get to it.

1.      Desktop Software Development:

Desktop Software DevelopmentDesktop application runs stand alone in a desktop or laptop computer. This is different from web-based application, which requires the web browser to run. There are thousands of Desktop Software development jobs available on different freelancing platforms.



2.      Game Development:

Game DevelopmentGame development is another area that requires creativity and technical art form. You require having knowledge of the necessary tools available for you to work with in order to develop games.

There were 1,473 jobs available on Upwork, by the time of writing this article


3.      Product Management:

Product ManagementProduct management does not only apply to software development, it also applies to the making of other products. Jobs in product management requires you to have the knowledge of the product’s lifecycle. You must be able to understand the planning, forecasting, production, and marketing of a product or software.


4.      Scripts & Utilities:

Scripts & UtilitiesYou can decide to become one of the scripts and utilities developers and programmers working online on different freelancing platforms. In computer programming, a script is a program or sequence of instructions that are interpreted or carried out by another program rather than by a computer.


5.      Web & Mobile Design:

Web & Mobile DesignIn a web 2.0 environment, company website designs should be responsive to mobile devices. With this realization, most companies are contracting freelancers online to design their websites. Web & Mobile Design jobs are among the most lucrative category of online jobs.

By the time of writing this post, there were 534 jobs available under the web and mobile design jobs.

6.      Ecommerce Development:

Ecommerce DevelopmentThis is the process of analyzing a company’s ecommerce needs, creating a web design plan, identifying web hosting, and launching the final website. Companies are looking for high-quality ecommerce website developers who are able to code and design the ecommerce in a way that achieve the company’s goals. Many stores are offering these jobs to online freelancers in different platforms.

On Upwork, there are 3,838 jobs in this subcategory

7.      Mobile App Development:

This is the process of creating an application for mobile devices. There is a growing demand for Mobile App developers as companies seek to provide a more personalize customer experience.

8.      QA & Testing:

Quality Assurance QA and Testing jobs involve monitoring the process of software development in order to ensure quality of the final product. There are several jobs under this subcategory and they are offered online to qualified online freelancers.

9.      Web App Development:

A web application is a client-server software app where the user interface runs on a web browser. There are many businesses seeking to have a web presence, and they are offering these jobs online on different online freelancing platforms.

Wrapping Up

As shown here, there are different jobs you can do online in the web, mobile and software dev category. The only thing you need is relevant skills and experience in this field. The best in this field can earn up to $150 per hour.

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